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Things You Must Check in a Rental Prior to Signing the Lease

It can turn out to be challenging and stressful to rent a property. The major concern here is to find the best-suited property for your requirements and the one whose condition is good enough as well. Before signing a rental agreement, check all the below-mentioned things so that you can end up renting perfect Houston apartments.

Check to see if there are any damp doors and walls in the apartment. This can point out some major leaks in the building or house. At times, it’s hard to fix them, and they may require an entire renovation of the apartment to get rid of the issues.

Checking the pipes for any leaks is also important. Whether it is water, gas or something else, make sure you do that. Gas leaks can be quite dangerous and may lead to fatal injuries when gas gets trapped in the apartment.

You should also take a look at shower heads, sink faucets and water facilities when checking Northeast Houston apartments. Ensure that water (both hot and cold) comes out from faucets as well as shower heads and decent pressure is maintained as well. People often ignore these aspects when they tour apartments before renting. However, you must make sure to check for these aspects, and if there are any issues then the landlord should be informed immediately. Don’t forget to check the toilets and make sure that they flush appropriately and thoroughly. At times, pipes coming to toilets aren’t intact and due to that the tanks do not fill up. This can be checked by actually flushing the toilets.

Electric connection and all appliances should be in working order as well. Check to see if all electric devices operate perfectly or not. Make sure to turn on all lights and appliances in the apartment to see if they are optimally performing or not. It is a must to do because these appliances tend to be quite expensive, and landlords are often reluctant to get them replaced but once you sign the lease without taking notice of these issues, then you may be held responsible for the issues and may be forced to get them replaced.

Check all windows of your prospective apartments in Houston to see if they work properly and can be locked or not. The walls should also be inspected as they are a source of letting noise from neighboring apartments to come in your apartment.

Checking for the noise levels in the apartments is also important. Stand in the apartment quietly for some time and see what the noise is like in the apartment. If the neighbors can be heard pretty clearly then there is considerable noise traffic which means you must think again before signing the lease. You may not be too comfortable living in such an environment.

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